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Why Do Private Jet Charter Flights Often Avoid the Sea?

If you have ever looked into a private jet charter, you may have been aware of two things. The first, you pay per hour, and the second is that the route may seem to follow the coastline. It might be a bit more logical, and be less expensive, to fly directly over the sea rather than follow the coastline. Despite this, there is a reason for this decision to avoid the sea.

FAA Rules

The Federal Aviation Administration (known as the FAA) has regulated that an aircraft may not fly more than 50 nautical miles from land unless they hold specific safety equipment. This equipment includes:

  • Life raft
  • Life jackets
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

Although the life raft and jackets do not seem like difficult items to obtain, the Emergency Locator Transmitter is a much larger piece of necessary equipment. The ELT also needs to be continually updated according to FAA regulations. 

This leaves private jet companies with a few options, either they can purchase this equipment or simply adjust the route. Many domestic jet companies choose to adjust the route. It is a simple fix and allows the aircraft to stay within 50 nautical miles of the coastline. 

Flying Across the Atlantic

When you need to fly across the world, there is no way to avoid the sea. In this case, you would fly on a private aircraft that is equipped with the necessary safety equipment. Whether you are heading from Miami to London, or New York to Paris, these routes are very popular for transatlantic flights. If you are on the right aircraft with the proper equipment, you can enjoy 5-8 comfortable hours in the air. 

Popular Transatlantic Routes

  • New York > Paris
  • Toronto > Nice
  • Los Angeles > Geneva
  • Miami > London
  • Manchester > Miami
  • New York > Dubai
  • London > Hong Kong

Despite these popular routes, flying private allows you to access over 12,000 airports all around the world. Go to Aspen or even to that small island you have always wanted to visit in the pacific. You will never feel limited with a private jet, whether you are landing at a small airport in Ireland or a large airport in Colorado. 

Flying Private vs. First Class

Although flying first class can be an enjoyable experience, it is nothing compared to flying private. Not only is your private jet experience completely tailored to you, but it offers you a new level of privacy and comfort. Although you might spend more on the flight itself, the amount of time you save, and the luxury you experience, will be unmatched.  

Save Time

“Time is money”. Time is the only commodity that cannot be physically bought, but that is also worth a value. Out of all of the benefits of flying private, saving time is one of the largest benefits.

Depending on where you plan to fly, if you may be able to jump on a flight in only a few hours. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, having the opportunity to pack your bags and head to the airport without delay is extremely beneficial. Learn more about the speed a plan travels by, also known as KTAS.

Fly Directly to Your Destination

Instead of spending time in multiple airports on layovers, you can fly directly to your destination. Flying private also offers you the opportunity to land at more than 12,000 airports all over the world. This provides you the opportunity to be more productive and spend your time at your destination, rather than transiting to it.

Spend Less Time At The Airport

Gone are the days of arriving 2 hours early to the airport. Even when flying in a premium class, you still are forced to check your bags and then wait in a security line. Flying private means you can bring whatever liquids you want on board, and you can arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled flight!


Need to conduct a business meeting in the air or hold a private conversation? Do so on your private flight. Never again worry about being overheard or compromising your private information when flying private.

Reduce Your Stress

Since you won’t be waiting on lines, dealing with your own luggage, or needing to transfer, your travel will be 100% bliss. Rather than deal with security issues and dirty airports, you will feel relaxed walking from your car straight to your private flight.

Take Your Pets With You

Although you may have figured out the art of bringing your pet with you on a commercial flight, often you will need to keep them in a carrier, and it can be stressful. Flying private means your pet rides next to you in the same comfort as you.

Flying Private on a Budget

Most individuals do not mind saving money and snagging a deal. Empty leg flights can help you do just that. Private jet empty legs are one-way flights that occur when an aircraft is returning to its home hub. These flights can offer a discount of up to 75%, and can often be booked on short notice. Before you book, direct Questions for your Private Jet Company.

Health Concerns

With the rise of COVID-19, air travel has been one of the largest impacted industries. This is due to the fact that the risk of flying commercial involves being in close proximity to other individuals. 

Flying private means you are riding with a service that provides the utmost hygiene, disinfecting, and over the top regulations. From reducing your time in the airport terminal, to your flight, flying private means you reduce your overall risk of contamination from coronavirus. 

Especially if you already suffer from existing conditions, flying private gives you the opportunity to reduce this risk and stay safe. 

Once You Go Private…

Flying private is an experience all on its own. Avoid lines, spend less time at the airport, and enjoy the privacy of riding in luxury. Flying private is the epitome of luxury. Take your clients to a meeting in the next state over, or bring your lover on the vacation of a lifetime. 

Whether you are flying domestically across the country, or on a jet with proper equipment to handle a transatlantic flight, the benefits are huge.

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