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Why Crypto?

This new asset class is emerging as the way of the future. There are many reasons why a discerning investor will choose cryptocurrency as a preferred form of payment for private air charter.

Current administration and merchant fees for processing credit/debit cards range from 4-7%.

Bank transfer fees are high.

Cryptocurrency transfer fees are often less than $1.00 per transaction - making crypto the obvious choice for fiscally conscious consumer.

Unlike with banks or credit cards, paying for your flight with cryptocurrency allows for a fully anonymous payment process, enabling private individuals to stay private. Our clients are high profile, high net-worth individuals who will appreciate the ability to travel the world with complete anonymity. What is that worth to you?

Bitlux provides investors in cryptocurrency a real world application for their investments. As we continue to see the accelerated growth and viability of cryptocurrencies in global markets, you experience an ever-expanding means to have a secure, anonymous, and efficient way to enjoy private luxury travel.

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