What is a Charter Flight?

Everything you wanted to know about charter flights

What does it mean to charter a flight? To the uninitiated, this may seem like an out of the ordinary ordeal, but to those in the know, charter flights can offer a whole host of benefits as compared to ‘flying commercial’.

But what is a chartered flight? Simply put, a flight that is chartered is a flight that is booked, reserved and planned specifically for the person, business or other party chartering it.

In other words, while commercial flights take place on a very rigid, pre-determined schedule, a charter flight is much more flexible, and tailored to the needs of the person booking it.

Seats on a chartered flight can be sold as a complete package (i.e. when booking the entire flight), or on a per seat basis from a charter company. 

Even though these flights are ‘private’, don’t expect any cut corners here. Charter flights are still under the watchful eyes and regulation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure the safety and well-being of all on-board.

What Types of Charter Flights Are There?

Thinking about booking a charter flight of your own? Or simply interested in learning what options are out there? Let’s take a closer look at the types of charter flights available.

Private Charter 

Often referred to simply as a private jet or private jet charter, these charters are booked by private parties. A private charter is, by definition, private. This means that the entire aircraft is rented (chartered) and that individual seats are not for sale to other parties. The details of the flight itself (apart from FAA disclosures), are also private.

Flights that take place on private jets can range from interstate travel, to intercontinental flights, with passenger sizes from a few people to over 100 (depending on the jet). Due to regulations, the entire flight must be chartered by a single entity or person, although passengers may opt to split the bill amongst themselves.

Public Charter 

Public charters are most frequently offered on a seasonal basis (such as for the ‘tourist’ season) to vacation and business destinations. These flights operate on limited schedules, typically once or twice weekly, with takeoff and departure times set in stone. 

Affinity Charter

With an affinity charter, each passenger is a member of a specific organization, business or group. Although the same can be said of a ‘private charter’, the difference with an affinity charter is that each seat is sold separately and each passenger pays their own fare individually. An example may include members of a band or sports team or members of a charity organization on the way to an event.

Cargo Charter

As you may have inferred from the name, cargo charters are booked to transport various types of cargo from one place to the next. These aircrafts are outfitted for the safe transport of goods, not people.

What to Expect When Flying on a Charter Flight

Routes and Schedules 

With a private charter flight, you’re the boss. Your flight will depart and land on the dates and times you chartered it for. As for the route, you also get a say in not only the destination cities you fly in and out of, and which airports, but also whether or not you’ll make any stops along the way (such as a connection or layover).

Your Own Private Air Terminal 

Skip the crowds and long lines. Privacy and efficiency are two of the key perks to flying charter. Chartered flights depart from what is known as an FBO, or fixed base operator. This is a private terminal separate from the herds of people flying commercial. Many FBOs have a myriad of amenities, from concierge services, to cafes and restaurants.

In-Flight Amenities 

Traditional plane travel is limited to a very cookie-cutter experience with little in the way of in-flight entertainment and amenities. By contrast, charter flights often pull no stops, offering all the bells and whistles. From custom meal itineraries, to in-flight movies, Wi-fi, games and more. Whether the flight is for work or play, private jet charter companies make sure every flight is tailored to the needs and wants of its guests.

Competitive Pricing 

Many individuals think that flying on a private jet is only for the ultra-elite. While this may have been true in the past, today, rates for chartering private jets are highly competitive. Apart from prices, private jets offer a lot of value in both the experience, as well as getting to and from the desired destinations quickly, reliably and safely. 

Better Service 

Charter flights offer a more personal experience, with services tailored to meet your every need, and with pre and in-flight services a priority. Anyone who has dealt with customer service from major airlines has a horror story to tell. Wouldn’t it be nice to fly with a team that actually cares about your experience?

No Delays and Fewer Cancellations 

Charter flights are well-planned and strive for perfection. Their reputation relies on safety, reliability and performance. As such, delays are virtually non-existent. Further, charter flights often have less cancellations, and are highly flexible, enabling them to take off and land under various conditions, as well as quickly alter flight plans or routes to bypass bad weather.

How to Book a Charter Flight

A private flight is one of the most luxurious, comfortable and private ways to travel. Whether for work, pleasure, or both, booking a private jet with BitLux is easy.

Known for our unparalleled service and a reputation for always going above and beyond for our in-flight guests, we make the process of booking a charter simple and straightforward.

1. Your Destination 

Let us know where you want to go, and we’ll provide you with a range of options regarding the best FBOs to fly in and out of. Need to be close to a specific part of the city? We’ll make sure we get you as close as possible.

2. Departure and Return (dates and times)

Always flexible, our team will work with you to choose the optimal times for your departure and land dates and times. We work on your schedule, not ours.

3. Jet Selection 

Have a specific jet in mind? No problem. We have an extensive fleet inventory to choose from. Need assistance finding the right jet for your needs? We can help there as well, matching you with the perfect aircraft.

4. Accommodations and Amenities  

Let us know what kind of amenities you would like in-flight and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to feel comfortable and relaxed until arrival. 

Have more questions? Ready to charter a flight? Reach out today and connect with a charter flight specialist who can help. 

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