Top 5 Most Expensive Jets in the World

Whether you’re an aspiring millionaire, comfortably upper middle class, or have already banked a fortune, the thought of jet setting on one of the world’s most expensive private jets may have piqued your curiosity.

Today, the private jet industry is BOOMING, with a multitude of companies offering highly affordable and accessible access to some of the world’s most expensive private jets.

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In this guide, we take you on an exploration of the world’s five most expensive private jets. 

Let’s dive in…

5. Boeing 757 – Est. $100 Million 

Kicking off our lineup is the Boeing 757. Ranking #5 in our list, the Boeing 757 still commands a healthy $100 million price tag.

A favorite of former President Donald Trump, this castle in the sky is capable of comfortably seating 43 passengers at altitudes upwards of 40,000 feet. Powered by none other than aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls Royce, this jet offers performance and luxury all rolled up into one.

With no convenience left unaddressed, passengers of the Boeing 757 will enjoy a true luxury experience and accommodations no matter where their travels take them. Outfitted with personal TVs, every seat includes an integrated entertainment system and a library of over 1000 movies. If that wasn’t enough extravagance, even the seat belts are plated in real gold.

“Oshkosh, WI, USA – July 29, 2011: Brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner in factory paint scheme taking off during EAA Airventure 2011.”

4. Boeing 787 – Est. $300 Million 

Next up is the mighty Boeing 787. Often dubbed the ‘Dreamliner’, this private jet can comfortably seat up to 300 passengers. 

Ultra-luxurious, this massive jet spans 2400 square feet, including an oversized master bedroom, a master bath with a double-sized shower, a walk-in closet, and heated marble floors.

A sophisticated lounging area offers ample space for relaxation and dining, while the rest of the passengers enjoy a relaxing flight in premium first-class seating for 18 and economy seating for six. 

Debuting as Boeing’s ‘Business Jet’, each model is highly customizable and configurable to the clients’ specifications and needs. 

A British Airways Boeing 747-400 flies into Heathrow Airport in west London, on May 12, 2011.

3. Boeing 747 – Est. $367 Million 

Measuring in as the second-largest airliner in production (and the longest), the Boeing 747 is the company’s best-selling model, and for good reason.

Each interior is built to spec by Greenpoint Technologies, taking careful consideration and a meticulous approach to cater to each client’s individual needs. Focused on luxury amenities and ambiance, it is not uncommon to spend upwards of $100-$200 million more in customizations.

Common items added include private living rooms, master suites, luxury bathrooms, sky view windows, corporate office, and conference spaces, dining rooms, and big-screen TVs. 

Capable of reaching speeds in excess of 640 mph, the 747 has an impressive range of around 9200 miles before requiring refueling. This makes the jet a favorite among corporations.

Just how impressive is this jet? So impressive that in 2017, the United States Air Force ordered not one, but TWO Boeing 747-200s for use as official presidential planes (i.e. Air Force One and Air Force Two respectively).

2. Airbus 380 – Est. $500 Million 

Currently the world’s largest private jet, the Airbus 380 can carry up to 800 passengers (wow). A staple in Emirates and Singapore Airlines’ fleets, this jet is akin to a double-decker bus, with THREE passenger floors customized to the clients’ every desire.

Originally designed to be a commercial airliner, the base model has since been modified by several high-profile individuals and companies, including Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud.

The prince, for example, had a spiral staircase, an elevator, four VIP suites, and a rotating prayer room installed on the jet. He also had a concert hall, stage with a grand piano, and a Turkish bath engineered to fit perfectly in the spacious aircraft. We highlight this to show that the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to this luxurious castle in the sky.

1. Airbus 340-300 – Est. $350-500 Million 

Topping our list as the most expensive jet in the world is the base model of the Airbus 340-300. Owned by Russian elite billionaire Alisher Usmanov, the Airbus A340-300 is capable of seating more than 300 passengers comfortably, and boasts a top speed of nearly 570mph. With a range of 8,512 miles, this jet is capable of international transcontinental destinations with ease.

Not many details are available regarding the interior of this aircraft, but as with all of the jets on this list, buyers often invest millions (sometimes up to $200 million) in special requests, upgrades, and customizations.  

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