Get Unlimited WiFi & Streaming on Your Private Jet

Get Unlimited WiFi & Faster Streaming on Your Next Jet Flight

In today’s modern era, technology and the internet drive every aspect of our daily lives. From personal pleasures and hobbies to business and productivity, having fast, reliable and unlimited data at your fingertips is paramount.

Yet, in some situations, access to blazing-fast, reliable bandwidth can be a challenge. One such situation being aboard your private jet.

Private jets are notorious for shoddy internet connectivity and slow internet speeds, leaving the casual flier as well as the businessman (or women) frustrated.

Which leads us to a question we hear frequently: Do Private Jets Have WiFi?

And if so, how fast and reliable is it? Is data unlimited? Will I be able to stream my favorite movies and shows while in flight? Will I have a secure internet connection to conduct sensitive business? How can I outfit my own private jet with unlimited streaming and faster internet?

All of these questions and more will be explored in this guide…

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Do Private Jets Have WiFi?

WiFi has become an indispensable amenity, capable of providing needed access to information, data, communication and entertainment. Whether for school, work, business or leisure, reliable WiFi is a necessity.

In the past, private jets often lacked reliable access to the internet. However, with modern times come modern solutions, with many jets now properly outfitted with leading-edge technology and connectivity.

At BitLux, we remain on the forefront of technological innovation, from accepting cryptocurrency as payment for booking private jet charters, to world-class in-flight connectivity and secure internet for all those on board.

How Much Does Wi-Fi Cost On a Private Jet?

The cost of Wi-Fi on a private jet can vary depending on the operator chosen, the region you’re traveling to/from, and other factors. At BitLux, we can work with you to find the perfect solution for in-flight WiFi and connectivity, no matter where in the world your business or leisure travels take you.

Estimated / Average Cost of Wi-Fi on Private Jets

To give you a better estimate of what you might expect to pay in USD per Megabyte of internet used, most private jet companies charge between $3.00-$8.50 per MB, however, some may offer ‘free’ Wi-Fi, or Unlimited Wi-Fi packages.

Those looking to keep the costs of Wi-Fi at a minimum, may want to turn off ‘app refresh’ on their phones and tablets, and limit the use of social media sites and video streaming.

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Unlimited Streaming Services

Recently, new and innovative services have made their way to the Private Jet industry, making unlimited Wi-fi on private jets both accessible and affordable.

For example, Gogo, an innovative technology company, recently launched ‘Vision 360’, a marked upgrade to its in-flight entertainment services.

With Vision 360, private jet owners can access unlimited streaming for news and TV programs, with access to more than 150 of the latest movie release and access to 30 digital magazines.

Although limited to those aircrafts outfitted with Gogo’s L5, L3, or SCS systems, this new offer is one that many carriers may want to consider.

As a bonus, the system also features a new 3-D map, allowing passengers to track in-flight progress in real-time, including information about their destination prior to touching the ground.

With Gogo continually improving its capabilities, the company is looking to launch it’s own 5G network for private jet flights, bringing unparalleled performance and heightened security mid-air. This upgrade, once complete, means that savvy business professionals or families can connect more devices to the same network/platform without the risk of slowing down the network or having their media streaming interrupted.

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Benefits of Wi-Fi on Private Jets

Added Convenience for Remote Work

Just because your head is literally in the clouds doesn’t mean work grinds to a halt. In-flight Wi-Fi enables you to work on the go, never missing a beat and ensuring you have the tools and resources readily at your fingertips to seize the day.

Stay in the Know

The world we live in moves at the ‘speed of data’, with a single Tweet or news story having the ability to shape the economical and social landscape in an instant. Staying connected to what’s happening in your own sphere is critical. Never miss an important event or announcement while traveling again.

Keep Connected and Accessible

Whether coordinating with a decentralized team, or reporting back to home base, secure, fast and reliable wi-fi keeps you connected to those who matter most. Be available online across all of your favorite communication platforms, apps and tools. From Facetime calls, to video Zoom meetings, high-performance wi-fi gets the job done right.

Enjoy Your Flight with Endless Entertainment Options

Flights can be boring, but they don’t have to be. It’s amazing how quickly the time can pass by when enjoying your favorite TV shows, exploring new corners of the internet, watching funny YouTube videos, or playing online games.

No matter what your guilty pleasure is, wi-fi on private jets puts the power of the internet in the palm of your hand. From smartphones to tablets and laptops, keep connected to all of your favorite media and entertainment options.

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Reliability and Security

There is nothing quite as frustrating as a slow internet connection, or worse, one that intermittently disconnects when you’re in the middle of something important. Reliability is a big reason why in-flight wi-fi is such a requested amenity. Not to mention, Wifi brings with it baked-in security measures to ensure data transmitted is encrypted and safe from prying eyes and cyber threats.

Do Private Jets Have WiFi? – final thoughts

Turns out, some do and some don’t. Wifi isn’t always a ‘standard’ amenity offered by private jet operators, and isn’t something that’s included by default by private jet manufacturers.

Those private jet owners or charter companies interested in offering wifi aboard their jets, need to have each jet outfitted with the proper equipment as well as an ongoing service plan from an internet provider. Although this certainly comes at an added cost, it is one that is almost always worth it.

Have questions about private jet wifi when traveling with BitLux? Let us know how we can help.

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