Private Jet Charter Services Provide More Effective Travel

Does private jet charter services provide more effective travel?

Easily the most luxurious way to travel, private jets are often seen as unattainable for most people. Most celebrities and business heavyweights won’t dare travel commercial flights due to a lack of privacy, efficiency and convenience.

This elevated lifestyle makes it seem like chartering a private jet is too far out of reach for “regular” people. What most people don’t realize is that if you budget properly and do your research, you can rent a private jet for your special occasions without completely breaking the bank.

Private plane travel is not as expensive as one may think. For those who can afford it outright, we are here to tell you that chartering a private jet is more than worth the money. No more fighting long airport security lines, no paying for checked baggage, no rubbing elbows with the stranger next to you for five-hours, the list goes on.

Whether you are looking for a more private way to travel for your next business trip, or if you want to make that anniversary extra special, a private jet is a great option to get the privacy you want in a luxurious package.

Here are several reasons you should charter a private jet for your next flying experience, and how they provide far more effective travel.

Extensive time savings

Perhaps the most important reason to fly private is the amount of time you can save by skipping lines and the hassles of inefficient airport security. A private jet allows you to:

  • Get to the airport within minutes of your departure time
  • Avoid layovers with all direct flights
  • Breeze past long airport waiting lines
  • Avoid unnecessary overnight stays

Productivity is a key benefit when chartering a private jet, as you are provided more time to take care of things pre-flight.

Flying private can be cheaper than first and business class!

A private jet is all inclusive. This means the fuel, staff, and other expenses are paid for in full no matter how many people you have on the flight. The cost does not run per person when renting a private jet.

Instead, the cost is typically calculated per hour. So, if you have a larger group splitting the overall price, you could technically pay less than if you were all to buy separate tickets on a commercial flight. Best of all, you pay less for better quality.Read more about Flying Private vs Commercial: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each and give us feedback.

Service levels are leaps and bounds above commercial flights

Flying private is better than flying first class, period. Think about it, it’s just you and your group on the jet in many cases. This means no sharing armrests with random people, and all the while the quality is truly “VIP” level.

Keep in mind, you just rented your own jet! No strangers. Only the best quality of service. All-inclusive luxury experience. It doesn’t get any better than that. Why pay for first class and still share when you can rent a private jet and have all the luxury to yourself?

Get there in the same time-frames

Another great part about flying private is that you don’t have to sacrifice travel time. Your private jet will get you to your destination in the same amount of time as a commercial flight would. Of course, speed does depend on the size of the aircraft.

However, when you factor in how long it takes you to check your bags and get through security for a commercial flight, you aren’t beating a private jet. It is true that these smaller planes fly slower, but the flight time is more direct than commercial flights. That saves the aircraft a lot of time, and the passengers a lot of headache.

Avoiding long security lines

You will still have to go through some security when you fly privately. However, the security procedures aren’t nearly as extensive. This saves a good bit of time, as you don’t have to wait on the people who get held up at the security gate because they forgot to pull their laptop out of their bag.

No need to arrive two hours before departure

Do you hate having to get to the airport hours before your departure time? Better yet, do you hate running late to the airport because of unforeseen traffic? With flying private, you can show up fifteen minutes before your estimated departure time and walk right onto the plane.

With a private jet, you get “ramp access” which is straight from your car, includes checking-in, luggage handling, security and anything else you need before takeoff.

If you’re a habitually late person, this is great for you as you will have extra time to get to the airport. If you just enjoy less stress getting to the airport and through all the security procedures, then you will appreciate the more relaxed timelines private air travel offers.

Rentals by the hour

Who says you must own a private jet to use one? Not us here at BitLux. You can rent a private jet by the hour through many chartering services, so you get the private luxury without having to own a multi million-dollar aircraft.

You only pay for when you use the plane. It’s not even determined by number of passengers, so your party can split the bill if you wanted. This is perfect for those who want to live this lifestyle on a budget.

No sacrifice of safety

Anytime a pilot is flying an aircraft they have your safety as their top priority. This does not change when you switch over from commercial to private. The same air safety and maintenance regulations apply to these smaller aircrafts, and in many cases, private jets are held to higher standards.

Another perk is that private jets are usually newer than the large and dated commercial planes, so they don’t have as many miles on their engines. This adds to the safety factor.

Flying private provides access to a greater network of airports

Another advantage to flying on a private jet is that you have five times the amount of airport options. Commercial airlines are only authorized to fly to certain locations, whereas private jets have much less restriction.

This boils down to private jets not requiring the same length of runways as larger commercial planes. Smaller runways equals more available runways for your private jet.

Having this option is great, because smaller airports are often closer to your final destination, which can work to save even more time.On this way you can reach much more faster and for less at some top destination over the world worth to visit by self and your family.

Delays are a thing of the past

Hearing the words “No Delays” is music to the avid flyers’ ears. What do we hate most about commercial flights? The amount of delays they are susceptible to! The best way to avoid these inevitable delays is to charter your own private jet.

You won’t have any delays at all, as they receive top priority at many airports. Smaller planes take up less room on the runway and experience far fewer traffic delays.

Private jets are far more pet friendly

If you want to bring your furry friend with you on a commercial flight you have higher security procedures and increases in fees. It is much less difficult to fly with your pet on a private jet than it is on a commercial aircraft.

Most private jets and chartering services even allow your little buddy to roam freely throughout the cabin. It is dependent on the company you are chartering, but chances are extremely high that they will allow you to bring as many pets as you need to.

Remember, unlike commercial air travel, they are there to serve you, not restrict you. No more worrying about your pet having a lonely ride in a crate or tiny bag without you by its side!

Packing restrictions are a thing of the past

The worst part about packing is trying to meet the weight limit and bag limit that your commercial airline allows. Good news for you is that with a private jet you won’t have any more packing worries. You can pretty much pack as much as you want.

You will still want to pack with caution for your own sake of having to repack it all at the end of your trip. However, you won’t have those near impossible baggage limitations to meet.

Effective travel through private flight:Wrapping up

Overall, it should be clear why chartering a private jet is a far more effective option that first class or business class on many commercial airliners. Flying a private jet will save you time, can save you money, and allows you to have the ultimate experience when travelling.

You won’t be held down by the same security restrictions and you can even bring your pet without having to purchase the extra seat and additional fees. Next time you have a family vacation or big business trip make sure you consider chartering a private jet.

You only have to pay for the time you use it and it’s all inclusive. You can’t beat this deal!

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