Private Jet Charter accidents and safe practices

Aviation Incidents and how do we avoid them?

Is flying ever truly safe?

A question many may ask themselves, in light of recent and past events. We read about it in the papers, we see it on the news, we may feel at times it could happen to us.  To be straightforward, your odds of crashing in a plane are roughly 1 in 11 million. That puts you at 10 times more likely to be struck by lightning, at a rate of 1 in 1.2 million, and 100 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash in a motor vehicle. 

Knowing this information we still feel that even one incident is far too many, and we are constantly hard at work to ensure that our clients receive not only top notch service and quality, but also safety.  

How do we address private jet charter safety?

Here at BitLux our passengers and clients are our lifeblood, we thrive to serve you, and to give you every comfort and amenity that you could desire, safety is no exception, but our priority.

 We are proudly incident  free. We operate with a proprietary and 3rd party audited operating manual, specific to BitLux and unfaltering in approach. For starters, we ensure all crew and clients have all information in sync regarding timing, airports, flight plans and FBOs. 

Lastly, we also require copies of all pilot flight planning from our partners before flight. If for any reason there is a discrepancy, we resolve it as quickly as possible – which leads to a safe, efficient, and seamless experience.

What Types of Private Jets are used the most?

We charter many planes of many different shapes and sizes. Each one is rigorously inspected, often seen first hand by a member of the BitLux staff,  and thoroughly checked over by the crew and ground control before and after each flight. 

The most popular aircraft we often use in each category are:

Light Jets – Hawker 400XP, Citation Ultra

Midsize Jets – Citation Excel, Learjet 60

Supermidsize Jets – Citation X, Challenger 300

Heavy Jets – Challenger 605, Legacy 650

Ultra Long Range Jets – Global 6000, Gulfstream G550

Above and Beyond: ARG/US Certified

While not required and many do not have, we are proudly ARGUS certified.

What does this mean? We are 1 out of 38 total brokers who are ARGUS certified in the world. This certification means that we uphold 10 strict standards ARGUS has outlined and have been found to be within them. 

Bottom line on private jet charter safety

Flying has never been safer, with a decrease in flight fatalities of over 50% in 2019 from 2018. As with any operation accidents can happen, but we believe accidents can be prevented and risk can be mitigated. Flying in style with BitLux also means flying with confidence that everything that can be done to make sure you are safe has been done. You are flying with an ARGUS certified, industry leading team of safe and courteous professionals, whom want nothing more than to get you to your destination in luxury and in one piece.

For more information on ARG/US Certification or to search for ARG/US Certified brokers, more information is available here: https://www.argus.aero/aviation-due-diligence/certified-broker/ 

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