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More Than Private Jet Charter

Project Management

When it comes to using a private jet charter service, we are firm believers in using our own service. While there may be options that may cheaper, what we demand from our service is more than a few percent. We provide and demand consistency, it is a larger picture, it is not just the private jet charter, it is the experience and trip as a whole!

What makes BitLux Private Jet Charter higher quality?

A lot of things go into our private jet charter quality. We take a higher stance with most trips using two words: project management. The things that we, given the opportunity, like to ensure go well are the ground transfers, crew timeliness, accommodations, catering, special considerations (like wheelchair ramps, aircraft side vehicle delivery, cabin arrangement, etc.)

Picture this – having someone on your team who knows the facets of your travel who you can trust to deliver that ideal travel experience.

Putting everything in picture

Earlier this year, we were given the task of transporting plasma samples for a medical lab. The goal was to get the plasma from the collection facility in Florida to a data and testing facility in New Jersey.

We were tasked with much more than just providing private jet charter – it was the entire concept of moving very important and fragile cargo to their needed destination within a 4 hour timeframe.

Here is the project outline that we were able to provide.

11:23AM: Pickup Plasma samples with a certified cargo carrier.
11:38AM: Van arrival at KOPF for six boxes of plasma samples (with dry-ice) to be loaded on a Citation Excel.
11:46AM: Plasma samples were loaded and secured on a BitLux provided Citation Excel.
12:00PM: Departure and wheels up from KOPF (Opa-Locka Executive Airport).
2:25PM: Cargo van arrives to KMMU (Morristown, NJ).
2:46PM: Private jet arrival into KMMU.
2:55PM: Plasma loaded into cargo van.
3:18PM: Plasma arrival at lab facility.

While the time frame alone was tight, leaving zero room for error, we also provided several passengers on the trip. The FAA mandates that there must be one passenger per box of dry ice, to solve this, we gathered four individuals to accompany the cargo to make the mission happen.

Another Example

To give another example to this, one of our regular executive has several stops all through the mid-west. He’s involved with large scale property investment and property management. His job, is to travel to each location, ensure all is going as planned.

At each location, we provide a rental car on the tarmac waiting. This gives our executive the fast ability for transportation and freedom to go to each property in each city with ease.

After his meeting at a location, he drives back to the airport, pulls next to the plane, leaves the rental keys at the desk, and is off to the next city. After the first, he’s got two more to get to within the same day.

He uses BitLux nearly every month to make this happen – his executive staff and office manager have peace of mind knowing that BitLux is not just providing a private jet charter service, but playing a project management role that enables them to focus on the things that are more beneficial to them.

How can we help you?

Feel free to find out! We’re proud to be much more than just a private jet charter company. We’re happy to claim ourselves as a working branch of your company and family business. Request a quote or drop us an email at [email protected] and a representative will be assigned to you and your company.

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