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BitLux specializes in private jet charter and services in Puerto Rico and our history with the island grows by the day.

Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist spots and vacation islands.


The island is known for its exotic scenery and warm weather.

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When visiting Puerto Rico, there are many attractions to visit, such as the town of Old San Juan, El Yunque National Rainforest and the beautiful beaches of Culebra Island.


Puerto Rico is a sophisticated island that is geared towards luxury vacationing for families in the summer.


If you enjoy being surrounded by nature whilst not being too far from a city, then Puerto Rico is the place for you.


There are many events that you can take part in whilst on your trip to Puerto Rico, such as surfing and whale watching.


There are also various castles, beaches, museums and small village-towns to visit. If you enjoy luxury designer shopping then visit Plaza Las Americas and check out their high-end stores.


Puerto Rico is also home to one of the world’s most powerful radar-radio telescopes. There has been a variety of discoveries made at the Arecibo Observatory over the years, with the first extrasolar planets being discovered by the telescope. The facility is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday.


Simply use this private jet charter cost estimator for any location in the globe, select the cabin size you would like, and your new dedicated BitLux representative will contact you shortly!

Traveling To and From Puerto Rico

December to May is the best time to visit the island, this is when private jet charters become increasingly popular. This is peak-time for the island and is busy due to the good weather. However, with the good weather comes price hikes.


This is the most expensive time to visit the island due to the influx of visitors. The island has around 4 million tourists every year with tourists staying 3 nights on average.


From tall skyscrapers to lush rainforests and vast mountain rages, there is no surprise that Puerto Rico is such a popular tourist destination.


The island is situated around 3 hours from New York, so many of the tourists you will see on the island are from the United States.


Many people charter jets for their family to enjoy the beaches of Puerto Rico. Large multi-national companies often fly their staff privately to Puerto Rico to enjoy team-building exercises.


In the peak season, the most common jets that travel to and from Puerto Rico are light jets.


For groups of 7 or less, a light jet is ideal for your travel needs. These jets are smaller than typical commercial airliners and can travel up to 1500 miles without the need to refuel. 


For groups of 6 or less and on shorter trips, we typically recommend a turbo prop plane. The turbo prop plane is not the most comfortable charter jet type but it is often the most efficient jet type. Our favorite turbo prop planes are the Pilatus PC-12 and the Cessna Caravan 208.


There are also a wide variety of jets that can be chartered in Puerto Rico. Although, due to the size of the runway at many airports, only smaller jets can land in some of the more remote locations.


If you are looking for comfortability and speed, then a CJ3, Citation Ultra and Hawker 400XP are your best options. These are all light jets and have a great balance of luxury, efficiency and speed.


For groups of 7 or more, comfortability should be a priority, this is why we suggest chartering a mid-size jet.


Midsize jets can travel further, carry more luggage and are more comfortable for longer journeys. Some mid-size jets offer a sofa or even a pullout bed. For midsize jets, turn to the Learjet 60 and Hawker 800XP.


For added luxury, a super-midsize jet may offer you more features. A Citation X, Hawker 1000 and Legacy 450 are arguably the best options of super-midsize jet.


For large groups of 14+ then a large jet may be your best means of transport. There is a wide variety of large-jets to choose from.


As stated earlier, private jet charter options in Puerto Rico may be limited as some runways cannot facilitate large/heavy jets. If you intend to fly transatlantic, then a large jet will be required, especially if you do not intend to have multiple fueling stops. Our top picks for large jets include the Legacy 600, Challenger 604 and the Falcon 900.

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Puerto Rico Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

On the island of Puerto Rico, there are many airports available to charter jets to and from.


The most convenient airport is the Isla Granda Airport (SIG).


There are dozens of private jets available to charter on-demand within 50-miles of the island’s center. These jets are available to charter at all times of the day, all year round. These are the main airports in the airport:



The Isla Grande Airport (SIG) is located in the most central part of the island. The airport facilitates private charter jets of all sizes. No passport is required for US Citizens.


Most major cities in the US have daily flights to the San Juan International Airport (SJU).

More on Puerto Rico

Private jets are typically flown in from North American states and major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami.



As previously stated, Puerto Rico is one of the most popular tourists destinations for upscale families in the island’s peak season.


Privacy is at the forefront of most people’s minds when chartering jets.


The most mundane parts of traveling commercially such as bag-check and TSA check are not factors that arise when traveling on a private jet.


With BitLux’s elite service, your bags are checked into a private hanger in the airport, where you can wait until your jet is ready to depart.


Your bags are then removed from the plane once you land safely at your destination.

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Not only does BitLux ensure the highest level of security and privacy, but we also give complete flexibility with our chartering service.


Clients always have full control over their flight options.


When flying on one of our brokered jets, you decide your jet model, scheduled takeoff time and other in-flight options.


All of our flights are built around the clients requests and needs. The BitLux team take exceptional pride in being some of the most highly-trained crew in the entire aviation industry.

The elite service that BitLux offers ensures that we remain one of the market leading charter jet brokers.


We offer helicopter charter services, private jet charter and cargo plane hire. Our aviation experts maintain these aircraft with a fine eye for detail.

BitLux Charter Jets In Puerto Rico

Our mission at BitLux is to exceed client expectations with every flight and cater to the needs of each client individually.


Also, all of our flights allow pets to join the owner and family in the main cabin. The pets are cared for when in-flight and safely disembarked once landed.


When traveling with BitLux, your in-flight options are saved for your next flight. So you never have to tell us your in-flight options twice.


BitLux brings the most luxury aspects of life into travel, enabling passengers to get the most out of their journey. Experience the true standard of aviation with BitLux.

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