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Oklahoma City is the largest city in the state of Oklahoma and is the capital of the state. 


The city is centered directly in the geographical crossroads of the United States and is considered cultural crossroads of the United States.

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The city is centered directly in the geographical crossroads of the United States and is considered cultural crossroads of the United States.


The city is situated directly in between an active oil field, so there are oil Derricks laid throughout the city. 


During summer, the city is most popular with tourists as this is when the weather is most inviting. The city boasts a multitude of major league sports teams and not to mention Oklahoma City University. 


The character of Oklahoma comes from its small towns and landmarks. One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. 


This museum boasts a variety of art styles, with various permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibit spaces. The museum has one of the largest Chihuly glass collections in the world. 


The Underground of Oklahoma City covers over 20 blocks, filled with history exhibits and art. Opened in 1974, the series of tunnels covers around a mile underground and has shops, stores and even a working post office. 


If you appreciate wildlife and nature, then visit the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, this welcomes families and nature-lovers. The zoo has over 500 animal species, such as rhinos, lions, tigers and gorillas. 


The city of Oklahoma also has an incredible science museum. This museum is packed with interactive exhibits, ideal for children. The science museum is entertaining, educational and a perfect place for families to visit. 


Finally, a great example of an urban renewal project is Bricktown, this is the city’s premier entertainment hub. Bricktown is the city’s premiere hub for entertainment.

Traveling To and From Oklahoma City

If you are looking to travel to Oklahoma City for leisure or business, then safety, comfort and privacy should be your main priorities. Private charter jets are the best way to tick all three of those boxes and many more. 


In Oklahoma City, the most commonly seen charter jet is the midsize jet, which is ideal for moving passengers longer distances, with a range of 3,000 nautical miles without the need to refuel. Refueling stops can add about an additional hour of travel time.


BitLux suggests traveling on a jet that can take you to and from your destination without the need to refuel more than once. This will save time and money as you will be able to fly nonstop. 


The light jet is used more for utility than luxury and comfort over longer distances. Light jets do not have beds, sofas or flight attendants onboard. A fair amount of luggage can be stored on a light jet, but a larger aircraft is required for flights of a longer duration or distance. 


Top picks for BitLux in the light jet category are the Hawker 400XP, Citation CJ3, and the Citation Ultra. For example, these are perfect for private jet charter from Houston or Atlanta to Oklahoma City.


For longer flights, BitLux recommends a midsize jet, which has a significantly larger luggage capacity and ideal for longer trips up to four or five hours of flight time. 


If you are looking to travel on a midsize jet, then BitLux recommends the Hawker 800XP, Falcon 20, and Learjet 60 aircraft models. These aircraft are the top choices of midsize jets. Often, these are used on private jet charter from New York or Miami to Oklahoma City. Even LA to Oklahoma City.


For added cabin space and comfort, we recommend a super-midsize jet. Many super-midsize jets have beds, sofas and even kitchens onboard. These factors make the super-midsize jet ideal for longer flights.


BitLux recommends the Challenger 300/350, Cessna Citation X and Falcon 2000 as top choices for super-midsize jets. Perfect for private jet charter from Seattle to Oklahoma City.


For longer flights and transatlantic travel, a heavy charter jet will be required. These heavy jets can cross continents without the requirement to refuel and are perfect for corporate trips. A heavy jet can usually cover over 6,000 nautical miles and have a passenger capacity of around 14 people. 


Top choices for large aircraft are the Gulfstream G-IVSP, Falcon 7X, and Challenger 604/605. There is only one aircraft more prestigious than a heavy jet, the VIP airliner. These aircraft are typically used for long range or transoceanic flights from places such as Hong Kong or Mexico City


The VIP airliner can carry around 30 people a vast distance. These jets have kitchens, offices, bedrooms, showers and kitchens onboard. The VIP airliner is typically used by large companies, sports teams and heads of states. These jets have a seemingly unlimited luggage capacity, which makes them perfect for large groups of people and politicians. Although, not all airports and executive airfields are large enough to facilitate the landing of a VIP airliner, which makes them less convenient to travel on if visiting a small city or town.

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Oklahoma City Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

In Oklahoma City, there are several airports that can accommodate private jet charter.


The most common airports that BitLux clients use in and around Oklahoma City for private jet charter are:



There are several airports in Oklahoma and BitLux is more than happy to assist in your planning with the appropriate aircraft.


Some of the common trips that we see are private jet charter from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma city to Houston, Oklahoma city to Las Vegas, and Palm Beach to Oklahoma City.

More About Oklahoma City

There are 149 airports in Oklahoma, which makes it convenient to travel to the city from other states.


You will be able to arrive at your destination in style, with private charter jets being the fastest way to go from point to point.


The most popular time to visit the city is during the summer months of June to August. 


During the winter months, Oklahoma does get colder with the occasional chance of snow. although, the city is relatively warm and you can expect pleasant weather if you visit during the spring or summer. 



The main airport in Oklahoma City itself is the Will Rogers World Airport, which facilitates private charter jets of all sizes. 


At this airport you are likely to see famous entrepreneurs traveling for business, sports stars, entertainers and political figures. 


The average stay in Oklahoma City is 3 nights, which is enough time for you to visit much of what the city has to offer. 


Regardless of your age or interests, there are many things to experience in Oklahoma city for you to enjoy.

Oklahoma City Facts


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