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BitLux provides private jet charter in Las Vegas – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly with the best on your way there and back.


Las Vegas is known for bright lights, bustling nightlife, fun and excitement. The “Adult’s Playground,” to some, and a bustling economy to others.

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The city itself is located in the desert, which ensures that the city reaches scorching temperatures year round. 


The famous Las Vegas strip is a street lined with some of the most well known casinos, shops and restaurants in the world. Plus, there are a multitude of attractions and landmarks in the city, although these are mainly recreations of landmarks found in other cities around the world.


 Many hotels and attractions have feature street-side shows, incredible water features and displays. Not to mention the erupting volcanoes seen at many of the hotels in Las Vegas. 


If nightlife activities are not enjoyable for you, then the various museums scattered around the city will be a great way to fill your time. 


The Grand Canyon is also only a short helicopter ride away from Las Vegas and the hills and mountains are home to many outdoor activities. 


The strip is a 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, this road goes from the northeast to the southwest of the city. Most tourists to the city enjoy walking along the Strip at night and take in the sights with the lights on full display. If you are looking to visit the strip then start at the Treasure Island Hotel and continue walking to the Mandalay Bay Hotel (where it ends). 


Fremont Street Experience is another popular attraction, this is located in old downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street is a five-block section of mall-like area covered in LED lights that illuminate the sky.

Traveling To and From Las Vegas

Most people visit the city for its gambling culture and bustling nightlife. Others, for industry conventions, such as NBAA, sporting events, and more.


Las Vegas is situated near many airports and airfields, which makes it incredibly convenient to travel to the city via airplane. If you are traveling to Las Vegas via plane, then comfort, privacy and security should come first.


The highest form of luxury transport comes in the form of private charter jets and in the quickest way.


In Las Vegas the most common jet type is the midsize jet and is capable of transporting 7 to 9 passengers with a distance of around 3,000 nautical miles without the need to refuel. The midsize jets are great due to the stand-up cabin, more amenities, and overall more comfortable experience. If you are looking to travel on a midsize jet, then BitLux recommends the Citation Excel aircraft and the Learjet 60.


The light jet category is ideal for people looking to go on a short stay as luggage capacity on a light jet is not significantly large. It is perfect for private jet charter from LA to Vegas. Regardless, it is recommended that you fly on jets that best suit your range.


A disadvantage to traveling on light jets is the lack of cabin space available, so for taller passengers this may not be so comfortable. The limited cabin space means that air hosts are not able to fit onboard. Despite the limited space, a light jet can carry a small group a short distance in comfort and luxury. For those who want a step up from both the light and midsize, or if flying a route like Miami or Boca Raton to Las Vegas, a Super Midsize may be a better option.


The super-midsize jet category can carry more people, with some super-midsize jets having beds onboard or sofas. BitLux suggests the Cessna Citation X, Challenger 300/350 and Legacy 450 for top choices of super-midsize jet. Transatlantic travel is best carried out on large jets. 


These large jets have a passenger capacity of about 14 people, with a very large luggage allocation. Our top choices of large jet include the Challenger 604/605, Falcon 7X, Global 6000, and the Gulfstream G-IVSP


The height of luxury aviation comes in the form of a VIP airliner, these are often chartered by heads of state, high net worth individuals and large sporting teams. Private airliners sometimes have showers, king size beds and more onboard. These private airliners can carry dozens of people at once with a seemingly unlimited luggage allocation.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

Las Vegas is home to a series of airports and airfields. The most popular airports for private jet charter are:



There are hundreds of private charter jets of all sizes available within a 50-mile radius of Las Vegas.


Different clients have different requirements when flying privately, so you will need to charter a jet that best suits your requirements. Trips across the country to Las Vegas are increasingly popular, so midsize jets are typically flown to and from Las Vegas.


If you are flying from the West Coast, like Los Angeles to Las Vegas or San Francisco to Las Vegas, a light get is typically a great fit. These smaller aircraft can hold up to 7 passengers with luggage included.


For private jet charter from New York to Las Vegas, a midsize or super midsize will be best suited – reach out to a BitLux representative for further consultation.

More About Las Vegas

The most popular times to visit Las Vegas is during the summer months between June and August. 


It is common to see midsize charter jets in Las Vegas and the surrounding airfields visiting from other states from across the United States. Although, there are a variety of international jets that can also be found arriving and departing from the city. 


At Las Vegas McArran International Airport, you will probably see celebrities on vacation, musicians on tour, political figures and sports stars all chartering jets in the city. Not to mention, the MGM Grand Hotel is home to many of the largest boxing and MMA fights in the last decade, bringing an influx of charter jets into the city. 


The most popular private jet route is from Las Vegas to New York and back. Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada and the center of combat sports events and gambling in the country. 


The average stay in Las Vegas is 3 nights, which is long enough for you to see most of the city and its attractions. The distance between landmarks in Las Vegas is short enough to walk from place to place, although a vehicle would make your trip more enjoyable as the weather is extremely hot.

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