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Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is one of the most visited cities in the United States, with an estimated 57 million tourist visitors each year.


Chicago, Illinois, also the third biggest city in the United States and known for its bustling financial district. Chicago boasts the second-largest business district in the country, second to New York City. Chicago is home to over 5,195 restaurants, 125 art galleries and 119 hotels in the Central Business District. Not to mention the city has 56 museums and 700 public art displays.


Due to the incredible amount of annual tourists, booming business culture and world-renowned sports teams, the city of Chicago also has the third busiest airport in the USA. Chicago O’Hare airport serves almost 80 million passengers every year. This means that a plane takes off or lands every 30 seconds in Chicago. O’Hare was in fact the busiest airport in the United States until the late 1990’s.


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In today’s world, the demand for privacy is more valuable than ever, meaning that private aircraft is now at the forefront of transport for high net worth individuals. Flexibility is essential and safety is unquestionable in the case of BitLux.


Our service gives you complete control over your time and schedule with a fully personalized flying service Flying with BitLux means total comfort, privacy and security. Every flight is distinctly your own, from the very moment you step about one of our planes. Perfectly tailored to your flying preferences.


BitLux is one of the market leaders in the private aviation sector. We provide a multitude of services across the aviation charter industry, this includes cargo jet charter, helicopter charter and executive private jet charter. Our mission is to exceed client expectations when flying privately, ensuring that our clients always come first.


What separates BitLux from other charter companies is our passionate team of expert crew members who are dedicated to client satisfaction and advancement in the aviation industry. We take great pride in knowing that our service is unparalleled in the private jet charter market.


Our team puts client experience first every flight, taking the stress out of flying. Not to mention that we accommodate for pets on all of our flights. Our in-flight crew members are fully-trained to ensure that your pet receives the same excellent service as you.


The most comfortable journey with a pet begins with a simple entrance to the aircraft, continue with an uneventful flight and end with a safe dismemberment to a pet friendly destination.


We communicate with clients all across the world to provide them with the ultimate charter experience. All of the trips that clients take with us are recorded with their in-flight preferences stored on our advanced network. This means that when flying with us again, your flight will be exactly as you want it.


Experience milestones, meetings and celebrations with BitLux. Our jets are available whenever you need them, all across the world. Utilize the power of convenience and discover the possibilities open to you with our aircraft.


Our aircraft are maintained under high-level supervision by experts that understand them better than anyone. We only work with the most trained pilots in the industry. There is no other service quite like ours.


We have the solutions to fulfil your private charter needs, so fly with BitLux today.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

Within the 50 miles of Chicago’s airspace, there are over 100 private aircraft that are ready to be chartered on-demand. The most popular private jet airports in Chicago include:



Depending on how far you are looking to travel, you will need to charter a jet which suits your specifications. For short trips of around 1000 miles, you should look at small cabin/light jets. These typically hold up to 7 people with luggage allocations. If you are looking to travel from Chicago to New York, then a small jet may be your best option. For longer flights, a midsize cabin is required. These jets are more comfortable than a small jet and can fly to many U.S states nonstop, with a passenger capacity of 8.


For longer domestic trips such as Chicago to Los Angeles, we suggest a super midsize jet. These are designed for long domestic flights and even transatlantic travel, with a typical passenger capacity of 9 people. Let’s say that you intend to fly from Chicago to Paris, then you will need to use a large cabin jet. These large cabin jets can cover vast distances without stopping, making them ideal for international travel. With a typical passenger capacity of 12.


Finally, if you are traveling from Chicago to Moscow, then a heavy cabin jet is required. These heavy cabin jets are the pinnacle of luxury in private travel. With a passenger capacity of 16, these heavy jets can get you from one place to another in style, perfect for transoceanic travel. If you are a traveling in a large group for business, then it is advised that you look towards the large cabin or heavy cabin jets.

Private jet flight To or From Chicago

It should come as no surprise that private jets are widely popular in the city of Chicago due to the factors stated above. Business jets are a common way that Chicago’s elite travel from state to state. When you are at the O’Hare private jet terminal, you can expect to see NBA superstars, MLBplayers, well known business moguls and entertainers.Chicago doesn’t only service business jets, there are more personal jet charter flights than ever. This is because of the vast amount of tourist attractions located around the city. There are dozens of world-renowned museums in the city, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry. Many people charter jets in Chicago to see sporting events. There is easy access to the Wrigley Field, to watch the Chicago Cubs and access to the US Cellular Field to watch the Chicago White Sox.


What makes Chicago such a special location is that it is accessible by 18 airports, which are all located within 50-miles of the city itself. The most popular types of jet in Chicago are light-jets, but there are a multitude of aircraft type and sizes. Chicago O’Hare airport services 37 airlines, 60 international and 150 domestic destinations, with 180 gates. Due to it’s size, the airport can facilitate private heavy jets. O’Hare has also been named the best airport in North America for 13 years in a row.Popular light jets include, Beechjet 400A, Learjet 35A and Citation Encore. Popular midsize jets in Chicago are the Learjet 45, Citation Excel and the Hawker 800 XP. Large jets commonly seen in Illinois are the Challenger 601, Gulfstream IV-SP and the Falcon 900 EX. Finally, ultra long range jets are rarer in cities such as Chicago, but include the Global Express and Gulfstream V.

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