West Palm

West Palm Beach is one of Florida’s top tourist destinations, with world-renowned art museums and other attraction. When visiting the city of West Palm, you will not have a dull moment. Located in Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coast, West Palm Beach offers tourists and visitors year-round excitement close to some of the most luxurious sandy beaches in the state. West Palm also has historical waterways which are popular for water-sports and yacht owners.


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Private Jet Charter To And From West Palm

The city of West Palm is also recognized for SunFest, the largest waterfront music festival in the region. This musical event brings in thousands of tourists every year. The downtown district of West Palm has four retail and entertainment districts, Clematis Street, Northwood Village, City Place and Antique Row. The nightlife is West Palm is bustling with bars, boutiques and nightclubs. Not to mention, there are high-end retail outlets in West Palm where you can find the latest collections at a low cost.


Other attractions in West Palm include the Norton Museum of Art, which specializes in sculpture artwork. There is the Palm Beach Zoo which is ever popular with families and young children. The Palm Beaches bring in an estimated 8 million visitors each year. This number increases year-on-year significantly due to the frequent development of the Palm Beach area.

Traveling To and From West Palm Beach

As with most cities located near the coast, private jets are massively popular in the city of West Palm. This is because of the lavish beach-lifestyle associated with the city. Business jets are less common than private personal jets in West Palm, due to the city being more less corporation oriented. However, at the private airports and airfields located around West Palm, you are likely to spot entertainers, athletes and other celebrities coming to and from vacation.


The Palm Beaches offer some of the most luxurious experiences in the whole of Florida, with its main residential strip labelled at Billionaires Row. There are helicopter tours in the city, along with yacht tours also available. If yachts and helicopters aren’t your thing, then maybe the polo grounds of Palm Beach will fill your time. The Wellington Polo Club in Palm Beach boasts some of the most successful polo players and horses. Private lessons are available with a pony and instructor.


Many people charter jets to watch these polo matches take place, as there is easy access to the grounds from the Palm Beach International Airport.


West Palm is accessible from 17 main airports, these are all located within a 50-mile radius of the city. These airports also facilitate private charter jets. If you intend to charter a heavy jet or regional airliner, then you may look to land at Palm Beach International Airport as not all airports in the area service large jets. Light-jets are the most popular form of private transportation in the Palm Beach area, this is because most of the flights are from state to state and not international. Heavy cabin jets are incredibly common for the area as they are used very often for trips to and from South America and Europe.


The most commonly used jets are the turbo prop planes, Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Caravan 208. The light jets that you may see in the West Palm area include the Learjet 35, Citation Encore and Beechjet 400. Learjet 60 and Hawker 900XP are the most common midsize jets. With the super midsize jets being the Citation X, Challenger 300 and Falcon 50EX. There are some larger jets available in the West Palm area, these are the Challenger 604, Gulfstream G400 and Gulfstream G-IV. In West Palm, these large cabin jets are usually readily available for on-demand charter.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

Within the city limits, there are 4 main airports that charter jets can fly to and from. With there being 17 main airports that charter jets can use within 50 miles of the city. There are 34 private charter jets available to hire on-demand within the West Palm region. The airports that facilitate charter jets within the city are:


  • Palm Beach International Airport (PBI)
  • Palm Beach County Park Airport (LNA)
  • North Palm Beach County Park (F45)
  • Wellington Aero Club Airport (FD38)


Different clients have different requirements when flying private to and from the West Palm Beach area, so it’s important to find a jet that best suits your requirements. Many families travel from other cities in from the south to visit West Palm, which is usually a short distance flight. This is why smaller jets are typically flown to the area. If you are flying from a nearby state, when we suggest a light jet. These light jets can facilitate 7 people with full luggage capabilities. If you are traveling from Orlando to West Palm then the light jet is ideal.


If you are traveling from further away, then you may need a mid-size jet. These mid-sized charter planes can typically fit around 8 people with full luggage. Traveling from Los Angeles to West Palm? We recommend a super mid-size jet for these flights. These planes can facilitate 10 people with luggage. If you are traveling from outside of the United States then the large cabin jets are ideal for you. Heavy jets are also available to land at some international airports near the West Palm region. If you are traveling with a group larger than 12 from another continent, then these heavy jets may be your best option. Especially if you do not want to stop for refueling.

BitLux Charter Jets In West Palm

Because of West Palm’s typical private jet clientele, privacy is one of the most valuable aspects of traveling. This requirement for privacy means that the most efficient way to travel is in chartered jets. Flying on charter jets is also time efficient as the tedious airport queuing is completely removed from the flying experience. At BitLux, the flexibility that our chartering service offers is unquestionable.
Safety always comes first with our charter service. Not to mention we give clients full control over their flight, this included takeoff, jet type and schedule. Our fully-customizable flying service means total comfort, security and privacy. When flying with us, every flight is completely unique to your taste. Our team of passionate crew members ensure that your flight is an experience to remember, for the right reasons. Our elite service has ensured that BitLux remains a market leader in the private aviation sector. We provide a multitude of services in the aviation industry. Such as private jet charter, cargo plane charter and helicopter charter. Our mission is to exceed client expectations when flying with us.


All staff and crew at BitLux take great pride in knowing that the service we provide is unparalleled in the aviation sector. The main priority for in-flight crew is ensuring you get the most out of your flight. Every one of our flights accommodates pets. In-flight crew members are trained to ensure that your pets receive the same unparalleled luxury experience that you do when traveling with us. First, your pets are welcomed to the aircraft. Then cared for once the plane has taken off, then safely disembarked at your location.


Once you travel with BitLux, your flying preferences are remembered for the other times that you fly with us. So, every flight you have will all be equal in comfort. Experience celebrations, meetings and milestones with BitLux. Our network fleet of elite charter jets are available across the globe at any time.


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