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Jacksonville is located in the Northeastern region of Florida, which is one of the USA’s most visited states.


The city is Florida’s most populous city and boasts aspects of a harmonious beach town along with the nightlife of a bustling city, with a hint of Southern hospitality.

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Jacksonville has hot weather all year round, with January highs in the 60s.


The area of Jacksonville was previously under British and Spanish rule and was once part of the Confederate States of America.


The city is home to a variety of museums which Jacksonville has them scattered all around. Regardless of what your interests are, the city has museums and entertainment venues for everyone.


The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is one of the most popular museums in the city for artisans. Another art experience in the city is the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.


For families, the Museum of Science and History, which is an educational museum with interactive aspects.


Jacksonville is the largest city by land area in the entire United States, with 500 neighborhoods and many nightlife attractions and beaches.


Five Points, Atlantic Beach and San Marco are some of the more popular regions in the city, which have hundreds of restaurants, bars and other nightlife establishments.


The city also has three historic districts: Riverside, St. Johns Quarter and Springfield. If you are not interested in nightlife, beaches or museums then there are many golfing expeditions are also very popular.


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Traveling To and From Jacksonville

Jacksonville attracts thousands of tourists every year due to the vast amount of family-friendly attractions and year-round warm weather.


If you are looking to travel to Jacksonville for business or leisure, then privacy, safety and comfortability should be your first priority when traveling. When traveling long distances from London to Jacksonville for example, then a private charter jet should be the first choice for your flights.


Jacksonville is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team and during the sporting season, attracts 66,000 people to the stadium each game.


Jacksonville is a two-hour flight to New York City and the average stay in the city is 5 days for tourists.


Private jet charters in Jacksonville are typically seen flying in from local states in the East Coast, such as Miami, Houston, and others. However, international charter jets are also available in Jacksonville as the local airports are large enough to facilitate larger jet landings.


The most common jet category seen in Jacksonville is the light jet, this is designed to hold 7 passengers at a time and hold significant amounts of luggage. The light jet is capable of traveling across most cities on each coast of the United States without refueling.


Light jets have a range around 1,500 nautical miles, which makes it convenient for small groups to travel across the East coast. BitLux has a series of light jets available to charter in Jacksonville, the top choices for light jet are the Citation Ultra, Hawker 400XP and Citation CJ3.


The caveat to traveling on a light jet is the height of the cabin is limited and can be uncomfortable for taller passengers or a full cabin over a long range.


Also, light jets have a limited space in the cabin for air stewards. This means that most light jets do not have air stewards on-board. There are no beds on board and rarely sofas, although the seats on-board are typically lay-flat and are very comfortable for short and medium distances.


For groups of 8 people or more, then a midsize jet may be necessary.


A midsize jet can carry around 8 passengers, with each having a large luggage allocation and room in the cabin.


An average midsize jet can travel a distance of around 3,000 nautical miles without refueling. 3,000 nautical miles is equivalent to the distance of Las Vegas to New York.


At BitLux, we offer a wide range of midsize jets for your private jet charter needs. Our top picks for midsize jet are the Citation Excel and Hawker 800XP. For people traveling in groups larger than 8 and less than 10, then a super-midsize jet may be the most comfortable option.


The super-midsize boasts a larger cabin than a standard midsize jet and some even boast a pullout-sofa or double bed.


Although, due to its larger cabin, super-midsize jets cannot land at some smaller airports. To finalize, super-midsize jets have a greater level or comfortability than standard midsize jets. BitLux offers a variety of super-midsize jets, including the Legacy 450, Gulfstream G200, Challenger 300 and the Citation Sovereign.


For those who are traveling transatlantic from Jacksonville to other continents, then it is wise to use a large jet if you are trying to avoid multiple refueling stops. A large jet is capable of holding 14 passengers and is extremely luxurious.


The best picks for large jet are the Gulfstream G400, Gulfstream G650, Global 6000 and the new Challenger 650.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

Jacksonville is accessible to 16 airports in a 50-mile radius of the city’s center. These are the most popular airports in the city of Jacksonville, Florida:



As Jacksonville is the largest city in the continental United States, the airports surrounding it are large enough to be accessible by jets of most sizes.


Downtown Jacksonville is a short 30-minute drive to Jacksonville International Airports (JAX). For people traveling to Jacksonville, this short drive is very convenient as you can travel around the city in little time despite its vast size.

The most commonly used airport for private jets is Craig Municipal Airport (CRG).

More about Jacksonville

During the months of June to August, Florida becomes incredibly busy with international and domestic tourists.


Sporting events, museums, beaches and golfing events bring many people from abroad.


Private jets are typically flown into Jacksonville by upscale families traveling from local states and from other cities in Florida.


Downtown Jacksonville is known for its bustling business district, which brings thousands of individuals to travel to the city for business meetings, events and conferences.


However, due to Jacksonville’s situation by the coast, the local beaches are incredibly popular for tourists from other parts of the state.


BitLux gives clients full flexibility over all aspects of their charter flights.


This means that clients can chose their departure time, jet type, in-flight meals and even in-flight sleeping arrangements.


We have one priority – ensuring your private jet charter travel is the best as it could possibly be.

Jacksonville Stats


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Jacksonville is filled with family-friendly attractions and a vast amount of entertainment venues. For this reason, Jacksonville is very popular with tourists and business people.


Regardless of what brings you to Jacksonville, BitLux is here to help you travel in comfort, privacy and safety.

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Chartering a jet brings full customization to traveling and BitLux is the gold standard for private aviation.


Pets are welcomed to fly aboard all BitLux flights and are disembarked safely once the aircraft has landed.

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