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Naples in located on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida, Naples is infamous for it’s luxurious shopping, art-displays and opulent culture. Not to mention, the dining in Naples is known throughout the country; sophisticated dining is a staple when visiting Naples.


If you intend to eat at one of the city’s high-end restaurants, then we recommend one with views of the water.


However, the city of Naples is also family friendly and ideal for nature lovers and people who enjoy the beach. If you enjoy being in the water rather than on the beach, then a manatee sightseeing tour may pique your interest. The Ten Thousand Island Boat tour is also one of Naples main tourist attractions.


Fifth Avenue South along with Third Street South are the main areas for Naples shopping in the downtown region of the city.


There are a multitude of art galleries, designer clothing boutiques and interior-design galleries within the city. If shopping doesn’t take your fancy, then indulge in one of the city’s many spa’s.


Naples is also home to a sizable cruise port and many airports. Due to the city’s opulent attractions, it should come as no surprise just how popular it is with tourists.


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Traveling To and From Naples

Private charter jets are extremely popular in and around the city of Naples.


As with many cities located around the coast of Florida, the summer months bring an influx of upscale visitors, who enjoy the luxuries that traveling in a jet brings to them. Personal charter jets such as Gulfstream’s are widely popular in the city, as most people visit on vacation rather than business.


In Naples, there are not many sporting teams so the majority of visitors come to enjoy the tranquility of the city. Not to mention, the Everglades National Park is only a short drive away.


At the private jet terminals located around Naples, you are likely to spot celebrities from the entertainment industry and sports stars going to and from their vacation homes.


From July to September, private charter jets become increasingly popular in Naples as this is the peak of Summer. This time of year brings in the most tourists as the beaches are most enjoyable at this time.


Naples has something to offer for everyone, which is what makes the city so unique. Naples has been named the #1 Small Arts Town in the United States and you can find over 100 art galleries in the Greater Naples Area alone.


Naples has also earned itself the title as the Golfing Capital of the world with more holes per capita than any other city in the world. Many people charter jets to enjoy these golfing experiences, with Naples Airport facilitating jets of all sizes.


In the summer months, when most people are traveling for leisure, the most common private charter jet models are light-jets. These smaller jets can travel up to 1200 miles and carry a small family.


For smaller groups of 6 people or less, then a turbo prop plane is what you should look for. Our favorite choices of turbo prop planes are the Pilatus PC-12 and the Cessna Caravan 208. There are a wide variety of light aircraft and turbo props available for charter in Naples.


If you are looking for comfortability and speed, then the Learjet 35, Hawker 400XP and Citation Bravo are top of the class in light jets.


For increased comfortability if you are traveling in groups of 7 or more then we suggest traveling on a midsize jet. Chartering planes such as the Learjet 60, Citation Excel, and Hawker 900XP are the most popular choice.


For added luxury and elegance, then a super-midsize jet may suit you more. A Gulfstream G200, Citation X, and Falcon 50EX are all prime examples of a high-end super-midsize jets.


For large groups traveling from long distances then a heavy-jet may be your best option. There are a plethora of large jets available in Naples to travel on. If you intend to travel from other countries outside of the United States, then a large jet will be required. Top picks for large cabin jets include the Challenger 605, Gulfstream G-IVSP, and the Gulfstream G400.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

In the city of Naples, there are two main airports that service private charter jets. There are dozens of private jets available to hire on-demand within 20-miles of the city. These jets are available to charter at all times of the year. There are the two airports that service these planes in the Naples area:


  • Naples Municipal Airport (APF, KAPF)
  • Marco Island Executive (MKY)
  • Fort Myers (FMY)


Naples Municipal Airport is located two miles outside of the business district of the city. The airport also operates as a fixed based operator (FBO), meaning that it also carries out business aviation services.


Marco Island Executive airport is in the South of Naples. Although, this airport can only service smaller jets and turbo-prop aircraft.


All clients have unique requirements when traveling on our charter jets in Naples. Meaning that you will have to choose what jet best suits your requirements.


If you are traveling transatlantic then a larger jet is required. As stated previously, not all airports in Naples can facilitate larger jets as their runways are not long enough to support their landing. Although, smaller jets can be used, but there will be multiple refueling stops throughout the journey.


Traveling from another part of Florida? Then a small-jet should suffice, unless you are traveling in a large group. We typically see people traveling out-of-state using mid-size jets to reach Naples. With a mid-size jet, you can fly with comfortability, in a large group. You will also reach your destination quicker in a charter jet rather than commercial airline.

BitLux Charter Jets In Naples

Naples is the home to many of the United States wealthiest families in the summer months. With this being said, privacy is at the forefront of most people’s minds when traveling on vacation. This means that chartering jets is one of the most essential ways to travel to ensure complete privacy.


The tedious parts of commercial-traveling are seemingly removed from the experience of flying on one of our charter jets. Queueing and bag check do not exist when flying with BitLux, as this all happens while you wait in one of our private lounges located near the runway or in the hangar. Your bags are put on the plane when you embark and disembark when you land safely at your destination.

Along with safety, BitLux ensures complete flexibility with our chartering service. Clients have full control over their flights when traveling with us. When flying on our fleet, you can decide your takeoff time, jet type and schedule. Every flight that we operate is unique to the client’s taste.


The team at BitLux take great pride in being some of the most experienced in-flight crew in the entire aviation industry. The elite service that we deliver ensures that BitLux remains as one of the market leading aviation companies.


We offer many different services within the aviation sector, such as cargo plane charter, helicopter charter and private jet charter. We only work with highly-experienced pilots to fly our aircraft, and aviation experts to maintain them.


Our mission at BitLux is to exceed client’s expectations of traveling on a chartered jet. Also, all of our flights allow pets to join the owner in the main cabin. All pets are welcomed onto the plane, cared for whilst in-flight. Then safely disembarked once landed safely at their destination.


When traveling with BitLux, your in-flight options are recorded and stored on our network database. This means that the second time you fly with us, your plane is already equipped with your preferential in-flight entertainment, food, drinks and much more.


BitLux brings the luxury to travel, allowing you to get the most out of your journey. Experience meetings and milestones in comfort and sheer opulence with BitLux.

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