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Welcome to the city of “progress and prosperity”

Book a private Jet To & From Cleveland

BitLux has a large variety of aircraft available for charter in the city of Cleveland. Use the form below to choose the type of jet you require, your destinations of departure and arrival. Cleveland is the most commonly travelled-t0 city in Ohio.

Light Jets

BitLux offers a large selection of light jets. This jet category is ideal for shorter flights and for smaller groups. If you are looking to travel from one city to the next, a light jet may be for you.

Midsize Jets

For slightly longer flights, a midsize jet may be more suitable. Midsize jets can facilitate around 7-10 passengers, this is ideal for corporate flights and executive travel. If you are traveling from New York to Los Angeles, a midsize jet may be required.

Large Jets

If you are looking to fly transatlantic, then a large jet will be required if you are not intending to make refueling stops. For groups of 10 or more, a large jet is often the most suitable type of aircraft. These aircraft also have large luggage capacities which makes them ideal for both leisure and business travel.

 Welcome to the city of “progress and prosperity”

Book a private Jet To & From Cleveland Ohio

Traveling with Bitlux charter aircraft services is the best way for you to avoid the hassle of commercial flights. This means that you can avoid the queues at airports and enjoy the experience of having a private plane.

Book private Jet To & From Cleveland

Cleveland is located in the state of Ohio and is the state’s second most populated city. Situated by Lake Erie, the city has a population of 388,072 which means that Cleveland is the 51st largest city in the United States. The city is known for its financial district and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is common for corporations to charter private aircraft in the city for executive trips.

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Airport directory in Cleveland

This is a list of airports in Cleveland (a U.S. city), grouped by type and sorted by location. The airports listed are commercial airports, private airfields and military airports.

  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

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