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Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service and we’re happy to assist in any way that we can. We provide top-notch safety, service, aircraft selection, and experience with private jet charter.

Light Jets

Light jets are capable of facilitating around 7 passengers a distance of 1,500 nautical miles without refueling. Although, there is a limited luggage allocation. A light jet would be suitable for taking trips across California without leaving the state.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets can fit around 9-10 passengers and can travel around 3,000 nautical miles without the need to refuel. There is a significant luggage space in a midsize jet and they are suitable to fly from California to New York.

Super-midsize Jets

Super-midsize jets can travel slightly further than a standard midsize jet and facilitate around 11 passengers. These jets often have beds, kitchens and more amenities onboard.

Large Jets

Large jets are required to take long transatlantic flights, such as California to London. If you are flying in a group of 14 or less, then this is the best way to fly internationally or long-haul. Large jets require a long runway to land, so smaller airports cannot always support these jets.

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Avoid airport hassle, security checks and connecting flights, on any jet of your choosing, with a dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals who will accomodate you every step of the way.

Where your charter jet can land and depart

Airports In California State

The most popular airport in for California private jet charter is Van Nuys (KVNY) located just 18 miles north of California center city. This provides easy, convenient access to the city, LA suburbs, Lake Balboa, Sherman Oaks, and everything around it.

BitLux serves the world with private jet charter and aircraft. With available aircraft in California , we are experts in California private jet charter and jet rental. Located on the South West coast of California, Los Angeles is among the world’s top travel destinations, both for business and leisure.

Private jet flight To or From California state

Traveling to or from the California state? BitLux has a wide range of available aircraft all throughout California and specifically in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The airports we service include, Burbank (KBUR), Van Nuys (KVNY). Los Angeles International (KLAX), Hawthorn Municipal (KHHR), Santa Monica (KSMO), and Long Beach Airport (KLGB) Meadows Field Airport (KBFL) and many others within the state.

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