How to Rent a Private Jet in 2021 and Beyond

Your Guide to Flying the Skies in Luxury and Privacy 

2020 was a strange year, with the global pandemic affecting practically every industry in the world. Arguably no industry felt the impact greater than aviation. Lockdowns and travel restrictions meant people were no longer flying for either business or pleasure, landlocked until further notice.

However, bucking the downward trend was the private jet industry, remaining strong. Once an industry exclusive to the rich and famous, 2020 saw private air travel becoming more than just a way to fly in style. It became the way to avoid the crowds and travel safely amid public health concerns.

Over the last decade we’ve seen a shift in the industry, with more individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and more all taking note of the benefits fast, affordable and reliable private jet travel has to offer. A growing number of companies are using private jets to fly entire teams around the U.S. and internationally to conduct business, get more done, and protect their people and interests.

Research suggests this trend is set to continue in 2021 and beyond, with Forbes estimating the industry to grow by 5-10% in the post-Covid era.

Today, booking a journey on a private jet with BitLux is easier than you may think. Below we take a look at how to rent a private jet in 2021.

How to Rent a Private Jet

Booking a private jet might seem like a daunting experience for a first-timer, but with a little research, doing so is actually quite simple. Companies such as BitLux have taken considerable efforts to streamline the process, making booking a private jet fast, easy and secure.


Charter the Whole Aircraft

If you’re renting a private jet for a group, you will probably want to charter an entire aircraft. You can do this through two different types of companies: operators or brokers. Which you use is a matter of personal preference.

Book Directly with an Operator

Operators own and operate their own aircraft. They will know which of their planes are most suitable for your trip, especially if your departure is from an airport they operate out of.

Contacting an operator at your local airport is an easy first step. If you’re happy to carry out some research, a simple online search brings up hundreds of operators’ websites where you can check out their aircraft and request a quote.

Booking direct means you’re restricted to the aircraft in the operator’s fleet. However, it’s worth noting that some companies are happy to contact others if your trip is outside of its usual remit.

Use a Broker

Brokers act as an intermediary between operators and clients. They will have contact with a number of different operators meaning they can offer more aircraft and variety than an operator.

Using a broker can also save you time. Once they know what you’re looking for, they do the groundwork of finding the best private jet for your needs.

Have the Right Answers

Any good charter operative or broker should ask a set of standard questions to ensure they find the best aircraft to suit your needs. Always have answers to the following questions before contacting an operator or broker:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What dates are you wanting to fly?
  • One-way or return?
  • How many passengers?
  • What size aircraft do you want to rent?
  • How much luggage will you have?
  • What’s your budget?

Your budget and the number of passengers ultimately determine the size of aircraft you’ll hire. If you’re a group of eight, a mid-sized plane will be required, but if there are only three travelers, a light jet or turboprop will suffice.

Many private jets require passengers to store their luggage in the cabin as they don’t have baggage holds. If you’re jetting off on a golfing or skiing holiday with family or friends, you may need to charter a larger aircraft to carry sports equipment.


Book a Single Seat

There’s no need to miss out on experiencing the luxury of private jet travel if you’re flying solo or with just one or two other people. Instead of hiring a whole aircraft, it’s possible to book individual seats.

Empty Legs – an affordable alternative for those who aren’t in a hurry

If you have flexibility in your traveling schedule, empty leg flights could see you enjoying the exclusivity of a private jet at a fraction of the cost.

Jet companies regularly take bookings for one-way trips. Once at its destination, a plane often needs to be repositioned for its next pick up. Instead of flying empty, many operators offer individual seats at hugely reduced rates to help cover costs.

Passengers able to travel at their leisure or who are looking for a last-minute getaway can often save up to 75% on empty leg flights.

Shared Legs

Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be flexible enough for empty leg flights, there’s still the possibility of picking up seats on a private jet.

When chartering a private jet, customers need to arrange for an aircraft that fits their group. This may often leave them with a few empty seats. These spare seats are often offered on various online marketplaces to help clients cover the cost of the charter.

If you’re traveling in a small group or flying solo, you could find shared leg flights that fit with your own schedule.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of private jet travel varies considerably depending on the size of the jet, accommodations necessary, amenities desired, takeoff and destination locations, travel times, and whether or not the flight is domestic or international.

As a Rough Estimate, Executive travel company Bitlux lists average hourly rates as:

  • Turboprop (short-haul flights): $2,000
  • Light jet (seven passengers): $3,000
  • Midsize jet (9 passengers): $4,500
  • Heavy jet (18 passengers): $6,000

The pinnacle of jet travel has to be a luxury VIP airliner that often features a bedroom, a bathroom (with shower), and a dining room. If money is no obstacle, renting a VIP airliner will set you back around $19,000 per hour.

Travel in Style Aboard Your Own Private Jet Booked with BitLux

Jet travel is more popular and more accessible than ever. Whether you’re traveling solo, flying with a couple of friends, or arranging for a corporate team to attend a meeting on the other side of the country, renting a private jet could be the answer. Traveling in style has never been so easy.

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