How Does Bombardier’s New Line Of Business Jets Stop Jet-Lag

Jet lag is arguably one of the worst factors that comes into play after long-haul flights. No one knows this better than frequent flyers, who are crossing the world multiple times a month for business. Thankfully, Canada-based aviation company, Bombardier, have been perfecting their jet-lag avoidance system for quite some time. Bombardier have been working with scientists for years in order to implement their anti-jet-lag into their jets. The new Soleil lighting system has been designed for the new Global 7500 business jet and simulates the daytime sunlight. light.

The system uses a mix of red and blue-light wavelengths in order to suppress or release melatonin in order for passengers to sleep better or remain awake across the timezones. By controlling serotonin levels, the lights can influence the circadian rhythm. The system has been built into the “nice touch” cabin-management system, with Soleil able to calculate the optimum amount of sleep needed in order for the passengers to avoid jet lag. The system also schedules the best time for meal-service, based on destination. This ensures that everyone on-board is eating in sync with the new time zone when landing.

Bombardier have also equipped the Global 7500 with a full size bed and stand-up shower. The lighting system is in-built into both of these facilities, this is to provide an all-round experience with the Soleil system. Bombardier’s senior vice president said this “Along with the [ jet’s] master suite—with its full bed and stand-up shower—and smooth ride, the Soleil lighting system helps passengers arrive feeling more rested and refreshed”.

The anti-jet lag system can be adjusted for individuals at each seat or bed. So for people on-board who would rather work during the flight can turn-off the Soleil system until they are ready to rest. There is no complex interface that needs to be grappled with. The Dynamic Daylight Simulation is one preset that enables the system automatically with no need to move switches or look at a manual. All areas of the jet can be controlled separately, which is a huge benefit for business groups, as some passengers may choose to stay awake during the flight.

Other Ways To Reduce Jet Lag

There are many methods that people to use to minimize the jet lag that’s felt after a long-haul flight. It is said that reducing the food and alcohol intake whilst onboard is an effective way to avoid jet lag. Another way to reduce fatigue once landed is by use natural melatonin capsules that help you sleep whilst inflight. Melatonin helps your body adjust to new timezones and is a natural hormone produced by the brain and signals when you are supposed to sleep. Lastly, outdoor exercise has been proven to reduce jet lag significantly. By working out in the outdoors, you also get the benefit of exposure to sunlight, which is yet another method used to reduce jet lag.

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