The Best Honeymoon Destinations Via Private Jet

The Best Honeymoon Destinations Via Private Jet


Before the global pandemic left us with somewhat of a restricted lifestyle, exclusive traveling was generally viewed as a high class, luxurious amenity available only to the upper class.
But exclusive traveling is no longer just a privilege; it has become a compelling alternative to crowded mainstream traveling, especially for newlyweds.

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We can’t restore moments that may have been lost, but what we can do is help rebuild your spirit by leading you to exciting, new moments in your future. Especially popular for newlyweds, boost your spirit with an amazing honeymoon holiday by way of private jet!

Your ultimate honeymoon experience begins with a safe deluxe private jet, and lands in the luxurious destination of your dreams.

If you need ideas on where to land, here are some of the most inspirational honeymoon destinations!

So grab a coffee or your favorite beverage, and get ready to take notes. This guide is about to take off just like our private jets do…

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Aloha! Welcome to the heart-stopping island of Maui, where the magic begins before your feet even hit the sand! In fact, the only way to bypass that extra stop in Oahu is by way of private jet. So, kick off your honeymoon by walking directly into the magical world of Hawaiian entertainment, hospitality, and relaxation!

A 5-star wedding deserves a 5-star honeymoon, and the best way to start is by choosing one of the many 5 star resorts located right in Maui. From well-known resorts such as The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons to exclusive Hawaiian oceanfront specialties like The Hyatt Regency and The Grand Wailea Resort, you will be sure to experience a romantic and passion-filled honeymoon paradise.

Surprise your new partner with an amazing Hawaiian feast on the Maui Sunset Luau Cruise. Enjoy the soothing vibes of live Polynesian music while sipping on your favorite luau cocktail. Head to the Secret Coves of Makena for a romantic sunset night. From warm beaches to the exciting festivals of Hawaiian culture, book a private jet and fly right into the romance of Maui.

Book Hawaii Private Jet Charter

Nearest airport: Kahului Airport

Flight time from New York: 9 hours, 30 minutes

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Don’t be fooled by the intense busy lifestyle of New York City culture; the big apple is not all New York has to offer! Take your honeymoon to an even more private level, and head east into The Hamptons.

This exquisite destination dates back to 1824, and is perhaps one of the coziest spots to make some magical newlywed memories. When it comes to the arrival of your exclusive private jet, the regional airports of East Hampton are as accommodating as they are welcoming.

Enjoy the everlasting affectionate vibes of The Hampton’s which sparks from one of the many intimate beach resorts, spas, or romantic inns that are offered. Whether you’re meeting some new friends on a wildlife adventure, discovering your favorite wine at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard, or lounging with your beau on the Ponquogue Beach, The Hamptons guarantee an enchanting and memorable honeymoon expedition.

Book Hamptons Private Jet Charter

Nearest airport: East Hampton Airport (HTO, KHTO)

Flight time from Florida: 3 hours (average)

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If your version of luxury includes endless adventure opportunities, then hop on your private jet and head straight to The Florida Keys where The Cheeca Lodge and Spa is located! This bungalow labeled resort is the single most fashionable and favored sports lodge in the state of Florida.

Experience a foundation of adventure-based intimacy that starts with a quaint yet tropical atmosphere of endless palm trees. This high vibe destination will have you kayaking your way through beautiful lakes by day and unwinding with an incredible beach and spa couples treatment by night.

Any adventure-seeking newlywed couple who dreams of snorkeling with dolphins and scuba diving with colorful aquatic friends will be amazed by the enhanced intimacy of this action-filled romantic honeymoon destination. Work up a hunger that can only be satisfied by the unique collection of soul striking fine dining restaurants that are exclusive to this Florida destination!

Book West Palm Beach Private Jet Charter

Nearest Airport: Palm Beach International Airport (KPBI)

Flight time from New York: 3 hours (average)


The gorgeous city of Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, and is the only destination where you can top your 5-star wedding with a 7-star honeymoon resort!

Burj Al Arab, the man-made resort surrounded by soothing waves and parks with marine animals, offers only the most elaborate honeymoon suites, top of the kind fine dining options, a variety of pools and spas, and of course, a private but beautiful beach.

Start off this fabulous honeymoon destination with a hidden glimpse of the city on top of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Take in the beauty of this city at the same altitude of your private jet, and then head to one of the many gourmet restaurants for a romantic, seductive dinner.

Use those wedding dance lessons to its full potential and check out one of Dubai’s famous dance clubs at the Sky View Bar or the 360° Club, and dance your night away! From the incredible futuristic architecture to luxurious culture-inspired shopping to a wild nightlife you will never forget, book your private jet to Dubai and experience an unimaginable high-class honeymoon getaway!

Book Dubai Private Jet Charter

Nearest airport: Dubai International Airport (DBX)

Flight time from New York: 12 hours 35 minutes

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Book a Private Jet For Your Honeymoon Destination

Are you ready to book your honeymoon? Let us help make this experience one that you’ll never forget, starting with how you’ll get there.

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