Bitlux COVID-19 Response

The services we are providing, the steps we are taking, and our mission at hand. When you choose BitLux for Private Charter, you are family.

PPE Sourcing

Our company provides executive jet charter and cargo charter brokerage services in the most thorough, safe, and ethical way possible.

Since learning about some of the deceptive practices surrounding the Global pandemic, we have decided to tap into our extensive network of businessmen and women around the world to provide a fast, reliable, and sound way of sourcing needs for all entities in need of PPE.

We find it extremely important to dedicate our resources outside of our normal scope to play our role in alleviating and helping the global pandemic.

We are working day and night, utilizing our expansive network, to source certified and valid sources of respirators and FDA Certified N95 masks.

There are several ways we have arranged to fulfill these orders which include:

• Direct manufacturing

• Current stocked inventory around the Globe

• Immediate and emergency cargo shipping anywhere in the world

• Import and export agents in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe

Our top priority receivers:

• United States State and Federal Government

• United States Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

• State and Local First Responders

We are currently registered as vendors and approved importers for several States, private, and public healthcare facilities.

If you are in need of any PPE fulfillment, please contact us immediately at covidresponse@bitluxtravel.com.

Cargo Charter

With our extensive experience in disaster relief, evacuations, and humanitarian aid – we have pooled our resources together with several partner companies in the cargo space to be able to move shipments across the globe in a timely manner with as much supplies we can possibly carry.

The following missions for both Hospitals and Government are priority:

• Face Masks

• Ventilators

• Gloves

• Hand Sanitizer

For a quote or if you would like to speak with us about a shipment involving one of these top priority loads, please contact us immediately at covidresponse@bitluxtravel.com.

Executive Charter

We are currently operating our Executive jet charter services with no delays within the continental United States as well as internationally.

We are working with the World’s best handling agents to ensure that all flights are getting the proper permits and time-slots required.

Top executive charter priorities go to:

• Hospital staff

• Air Ambulance Crew

• Supply chain and infrastructure project management/executives

• Family traveling for urgent COVID related matters

Our Safety measures include:

• Temperature scans of passengers

• International crew clearance and raised minimums

• Individually packed meals

• Before & After full sanitation of all aircraft

For a quick response and to get started on an executive charter, please use the form below and request a quote, or email charter@bitluxtravel.com.

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