BitLux : Private Jets with Cryptocurrency?Find out more about..

BitLux : Private Jets with Cryptocurrency? Find out more about it.

With the increasing availability of cryptocurrency for common transactional processes, it should come as no surprise that there has been a recent push for crypto-based payments in the travel marketplace. As such, demand has grown for private air travel to become just that: private. BitLux has recently become the first private jet charter service to accept payments for flights with cryptocurrencies, and currently accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash, in addition to standard payment options.

Why Introduce Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are emerging as a transactional system of the future. Via blockchain technology, many of the criticisms of standard payments are alleviated or eradicated. There are many reasons why BitLux has decided to pioneer cryptocurrencies as a payment for private air charters. Some of these include:

  • Currently, transaction processing, administrative and merchant fees for the process of debit and credit card transactions can be anywhere from 4% to 7% or more.
  • Transfer fees for banks are typically astronomical, especially compared to the minimal fees with crypto transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency transaction fees will typically be under $1 for each transaction, a wonderful choice for the financially conscious.

Nearly instant global payments – securing aircraft at record speed.

Bitlux Sees Crypto As The Future Of Private Air Travel

private air travelUnlike what is to be expected working with credit cards and banks, private travel payments via cryptocurrency provide a completely anonymous, untraceable payment process. This ensures that the “private” aspect of air travel is truly private. The clients serviced by BitLux are all over the map, geographically and financially. From high net worth individuals and Fortune companies to those looking for their first private travel experience. Imagine traveling the world with complete anonymity. This is just one of the services BitLux offers by providing cryptocurrency as a payment method. BitLux provides cryptocurrency purveyors with a real-world application for their currencies. As adoption of crypto as a payment method continues to grow into various industries, more and more travel opportunities will exist in both the public and private sector. BitLux is proud to be a pioneer in that respect.

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