Falcon 900

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Flaunting a large interior cabin, the Falcon 900 is spacious, luxurious, and economical. Often equipt with all of the functionality of a mini-office, the Falcon 900 is one of the most passenger friendly private jets in the sky.


CABIN HEIGHT: 73 in (1.85 m)

CABIN WIDTH: 92 in (2.3 m)


At first glance, one might see a private jet – second glance reveals the third engine. Dassault, the company behind the Falcon pioneered the third engine – increasing range, fuel efficiency, and even more impressively, the distance the aircraft can fly over water. With safety in mind, the Falcon 900 can go distances that others cannot, safely, reliably, and comfortably.

MAX RANGE: 4,725 nm (8,750 km)

MAX CRUISE SPEED: 482 ktas (892 km/h)

MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE: 51,000 ft (15,544 m)

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