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BitLux is a globally recognized and ARGUS Registered charter company. We provide private jet charter services on a global basis and service nearly every country in the world


We are available 24/7 to assist with any trips or questions that you may have.


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Upon determining which cabin class will work best, simply press the inquire button, and a charter specialist will contact you as quickly as possible and review the details of your upcoming trip.

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The Global population is just over 7 billion, with over 8 million of them traveling every day.


Currently, BitLux is 1 of 38 companies, world-wide, with the globally recognized ARGUS Registered rating. Meaning, we are a regularly audited, well run, ethical, and dedicated private jet charter company.


We specialize in several areas of charter, from Executive Charter to Cargo Charter, and even Aircraft Acquisition.


With dedicated jet charter specialists available around the clock, we’re happy to help at any time.

Traveling Around The World

BitLux has proudly flown thousands of clients and over 1,000,000 miles.


All with a perfect safety record.


Some of the things that our charter specialist analyze are the type of trip that you have, whether it is leisure or business, the types of aircraft that will work best, destination accommodations, geographic limitations, aircraft performance ability, and so much more.


We pride ourselves on providing one of the industry’s top standards in aviation, if not the best. We are detailed in our approach and have a form process behind everything that we do.


This is done for one reason and one reason alone – consistency in service.


We believe, through tried and true actions, that by providing the level of detailed and accurate service that we do, our clients are not only satisfied, but confident while flying with BitLux.


This is something that seems to have been lost over the years, but we, and our standards, are here to stay.

Payment Options

We have all possible convinient ways of payment.

Available Private Jet Sizes

Private Jets are like candies… They come in all shapes and sizes.


There are several aircraft categories that split up the private jets for charter.


Here are some of our favorites in each class:


Turbo Prop:

Pilatus PC-12 | Piaggio Avanti | King Air 250


Light Jet:

Phenom 300 | Citation CJ3 | Hawker 400XP


Midsize Jet:

Citation Excel | Hawker 800XP | Learjet 60


Super Midsize:

Citation X | Challenger 300 | Legacy 450 | Hawker 1000


Heavy Jet:

Challenger 604/605 | Gulfstream GIVSP | Falcon 2000 | Legacy 600


Ultra Long Range:

Global 6000 | Gulfstream G550 | Global Express | Falcon 7X


All of these aircraft each have their individual pros and cons. Speak with your charter executive about which one may be best for your upcoming trips!

More About BitLux

BitLux is not the first of its kind, but the best of its kind.


We believe that the long term sustained partnership between our business and our client is the single greatest asset that we could possibly have.


We go above and beyond to ensure that our services are as flawless and we facilitate everything we can to not only ensure your safe jet charter, but your success.


Our Leadership staff is top notch, with not only specialized, but top tier experience. Our in office attitude is more family like than anything that our competitors have.


Where they have aggressive selling floors, we have round discussion tables.


Where they have leader boards, we have regular study boards – where each member of our team educates the rest of the office on new topics every other week.


The best part about our atmosphere is the teamwork. We all work together when things get dicey – and this is where things really shine with a private jet charter company.


A great team is what can either make or break a potential problem, such as a mechanical or weather problem.

BitLux Charter Jets

Experience meetings, celebrations, and milestones with BitLux. Our selection of elite jets are available whenever you need them, across the globe.


The power of convenience cannot be overlooked, so discover the possibilities open to you with our fleet.


As safety comes first with all aspects of aviation, all aircraft are maintained by high-level experts that understand planes better than anyone else.


We exclusively use operators that are some of the most experienced in the industry, providing a flying experience like no other.


BitLux provides solutions to all private charter requests and needs, so fly with us today.

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