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Contrary to popular belief, the Turboprop is an aircraft powered by a jet engine that uses a propeller to spin the turbines of the engine itself. Turbo Props are a great option for regional travel, up to 4 hours non-stop. These are primarily used for charters between islands, regional cities, and multi-stop tours – typically within a 1,600 Nautical Mile radius.

Popular Aircraft in this category include:

King Air 250

Pilatus PC-12

Piaggio Avanti II


Light Jets are the go-to for a lot of regional business people and leisure travelers alike. With typical seating for 7, they have a range of about 3 hours or 1,500 Nautical Mile range. Some of the popular light private jet charters are from New York (Teterboro, KTEB) to West Palm Beach (Palm Beach, KPBI) and Las Vegas (Las Vegas, KLAS) to Los Angeles (Van Nuys, KVNY).

Popular Aircraft in this category include:

Citation CJ3

Hawker 400XP

Citation Ultra

Citation Bravo


Midsize jets are the staple for most business travelers. Offering a stand-up cabin, enclosed lavatory, seating for 7 to 9, and increased range from the light jet – this is a great choice for longer continental charters. While the midsize compromises cost for comfort, it is one well worth having. The typical range of a midsize is around 2,500 Nautical Miles – about 5 hours of flying. A common midsize private jet charter route is New York (Teterboro, KTEB) to Las Vegas (Las Vegas, KLAS) or Toronto, Canada (CYYZ) to Fort Lauderdale (Executive, KFXE).

Popular Aircraft in this category include

Citation Excel

Hawker 800XP

Learjet 60

Falcon 20


The Super-Midsize Jets offer a capacity of up to 10 passengers, larger cabins than standard mid-size aircraft, nearly 6 foot ceilings, and a solid range increase. These private jets available for charter have a range of more than 3,000 Nautical Miles and a flight hour range of around 6 to 7 hours. These super-midsize private jets are the must have for coast to cost travel and trans-continental charters. These are used for typical private jet charters such as New York (Farmingdale, KFRG) to Los Angeles (Burbank, KBUR) or Seattle (Seattle, KSEA) to Boca Raton (Florida, KBCT).

Popular Aircraft in this category include

Citation X

Legacy 450

Challenger 300

Hawker 1000


With a maximum capacity of 18 passengers and range of 7 to 10 hours, heavy jets are the perfect private jets to charter for transcontinental and light transatlantic flights. High cabin ceilings, nearly six feet or taller, allow for free and comfortable movement around the cabin. Many of these heavy jets have two sections, allowing passengers to rest or seperate the cabin for privacy. With a flight range of 3,000 or more Nautical Miles, these easily handle almost anything. These heavy private jets are a high demand, high output, and high achieving class. For those who want to travel in comfort, style, and distance – these are perfect private jets to charter. Common routes for these are New York (White Plains, KHPN) to the Bay Area (Oakland, KOAK), New York (Teterboro, KTEB) to London (Luton, EGGW), or Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, KPBI) to London (Biggin Hill, EGGB).

Popular Aircraft in this category include

Gulfstream GIVSP

Legacy 600

Challenger 604

Falcon 2000

Falcon 900


The Ultra Long-Range private jet class, is the top choice for those who must go the distance. With some of the most luxurious, spacious, and well designed interiors – these are sure to please. These private jets hold a maximum of 18 passengers and offer an astounding experience. Many Ultra Long-Range private jets for charter have a range of over 5,500 nautical miles. This equates to roughly 12 hours of flying – some can go up to 14 hours of flying. Also, these are capable of flying at some of the highest altitudes, which allows for a much smoother ride and longer distance. The typical routes and long distance private charters include Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, KPBI) to Moscow (Vnukovo, UUWW), New York (KTEB) to Buenos Aires (SABE, EZE), or Los Angeles (Los Angeles, KLAX) to Hong Kong (Hong Kong, VHHH, HKG).

Popular Aircraft in this category include

Falcon 7X

Global Express

Global 6000

Gulfstream G550


In a class completely by themselves is the VIP Airliner, or Corporate Jet. These typically offer seating for 16 or less. These private jet airliners for charter often offer a bedroom, full bathroom, some even have showers, dining rooms, and everything you will need to accomplish the most luxurious and lavish experience when flying a jet charter such as this. The ranges for these aircraft vary, from 7 hours to 14 hours. Each one is completely customized from purchase and no two VIP Airliners are the same. Common routes for these are Dubai (DXB, OMDB) to Nîce (NCE, LFMN), London (Biggin Hill, EGGB) to Geneva (GVA, LSGG) or Los Angeles (LAX, KLAX) to Tokyo (HND, RJTT).

Popular Aircraft in this category include

Boeing BBJ

ACJ 319/320



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